Tricep workout – tricep is the biggest part in your arm. so if you want to look sharp then you must have well defined triceps. a well defined tricep not only give you a sharp look but also helps in increasing the arm strength. because when you do push exercises that time your tricep is engage the most.

so if your dream is to build some sleeve-tearing arms, its high time that you focus on these guys rather than “curling” for an hour in the gym.

Most of us prefer hitting our biceps and triceps on the same day and have a common tendency of starting off with our biceps. This drains us of the energy to perform a heavy compound triceps exercise, something that’s crucial for size. Many people also believe that bigger biceps equal to bigger arms, but sorry my friend, that’s not the case.

before we start out our tricep workout routine let’s check out the anatomy of triceps muscle.

the tricep consist of three components known as heads. the medial head and lateral head attach from the upper arm bone to the forearm and extend the elbow. the long head runs from the backside of the shoulder blade to forearm. it helps other two heads extend the elbow and also extend the shoulder , which occur when you pull your arm straight down.

So as you can see there are three major muscles groups in our tricep LONG HEAD which is the biggest muscle which makes arm thik & strong. and there’s a MEDIAL HEAD muscle attached with it which is the smallest muscle and then LATERAL HEAD this is our outer tricep muscle. if you have this muscle developed it will make your side look amazing.

Since triceps muscle is 2/3 of arm tendon. it becomes very important to develop the whole triceps so you can have big thik arms and you look stronger. which we can achieve through this tricep workout routine

Let’s dive in our tricep workout –


tricep rope push down

the tricep pushdown helps to increase upper body arm size, enhance general pressing strength and ultimately improve performance of shoulder and chest muscle as they are often the secondary muscle group for most mass building movements like push ups, bench press, dips, push press etc. the tricep push down can help increase overall arm and lockout strength and upper body mass for strength, power and fitness athletes.

  • 3 sets
  • 1st set 10 rep, 2nd set 8 reps, 3rd set 6 reps. ( increase the weight accordingly)
  • focused head: lateral head.
  • type: strength
How To Perform Rope Push Down
  • firstly tightly grab the rope slightly lower than mid area.
  • then take your position keep your back straight, chest up, elbows locked with your torso and keep your head straight.
  • after that push the rope all the way down and squeeze your tricep and hold it for there for a moment and make sure you do not move your elbow while pushing down. many people do this mistake and ruin their exercises.
  • then bring the rope back up and fully stretch your tricep. keep full range of motion only then you will see results. don’t do cheat reps.
  • repeat the recommended amount of repetition.


tricep workout

The skull crusher is a force activity that make the triceps long head in turns the muscle from that joint up to the latissimus dorsi of the side there are variation you can do this would concentrate on the other heads of this muscle. the activity is frequently used to get imbalances with the triceps, for injury restoration , or in bodybuilding.

  • 3 sets
  • 1st set 10 rep, 2nd set 8 reps, 3rd set 6 reps. ( increase the weight accordingly)
  • focused head: long head
  • type: strength
How To Perform Skullcrusher
  • firstly you are going to be lying down on the bench and keep your hands perpendicular to the floor.and grip the bar almost from the middle keeping thumb distance.
  • keep your elbows inside and push the bar all the way up and squeeze your triceps and make sure you don’t hold it there for too long because it might damage your joints.
  • when you push the bar up then exhale. keep your breathing in control.
  • and bring the bar back till your forehead and inhale and stretch the triceps fully. and keep the full range of motion.
  • repeat the recommended amount of repetition.


tricep workout

the close grip bench press is the impressive seat press variation for isolating and preparation to better triceps power, size, and pressing strength. similar to the bench press the close grip bench press’s structure requires attention and continuous checking to ensure you are getting it done right and results.

  • 3 sets
  • 1st set 10 rep, 2nd set 8 reps, 3rd set 6 reps. ( increase the weight accordingly)
  • focused head: medial head
  • type: strength
How To Perform CloseGrip BenchPress
  • this will be your starting position lie back on the bench and a grab the bar slightly inside from your shoulder width. and pick up the bar
  • after that bring the bar slowly down until it touches your chest while breathing in and stretch your triceps and make sure you make mind to muscle connection this is way more important than doing.
  • and when the bar touches your chest push the bar all the way up to the starting position while breathing out, and squeeze your triceps and make sure you keep your arms straight when you push the bar up.
  • repeat the recommended amount of repetition.


tricep workout

according to the research from the american council on exercise. tricep dips are one of the best way to tone your triceps. the triep dips is one of the most essential but also most powerful body weight practices that targets the triceps strength. along with cardio and clean eating, it helps in removing the fat on the side of your arms.the simple rise and reduction of the body weight also engage your chest and deltroids (shoulder) muscle. which makes it a compound exercise.

NOTE: If you find it difficult to do then you can do bench dips as well.

  • 3 sets
  • 1st set 10 rep, 2nd set 8 reps, 3rd set 6 reps. ( increase the weight accordingly)
  • focused head: full triceps
  • type: strength
How To Perform Triceps Dips
  • To get into the starting position, hold your body at arm’s length with your arms nearly locked above the bars.
  • Now, inhale and slowly lower yourself downward. Your torso should remain upright and your elbows should stay close to your body. This helps to better focus on tricep involvement. Lower yourself until there is a 90 degree angle formed between the upper arm and forearm.
  • Then, exhale and push your torso back up using your triceps to bring your body back to the starting position.
  • Repeat the recommended amount of repetitions.


Triceps kickback are an easy and flexible weight education activity that is increasingly common. with the help of this exercise you can build your arms and upper body strength, adding them to your routine can help you in other physical activities. it maintain a well rounded workout routine that includes flexibility, stretching, and balance training as well as strength exercises.

  • 3 sets
  • 1st set 10 rep, 2nd set 8 reps, 3rd set 6 reps. ( increase the weight accordingly)
  • focused head: strength
  • type: strength
  • This is going to be your beginning position. Begin with a free weight in each hand and your palms confronting your middle. Keep your back straight with a slight twist in the knees and twist forward at the midriff. Your middle ought to be practically parallel to the floor. Make a point to keep your head up. Your upper arms ought to be near your middle and parallel to the floor. Your lower arms ought to be pointed towards the floor as you hold the loads. There ought to be a 90-degree point shaped between your lower arm and upper arm.
  • Presently, while keeping your upper arms stationary, breathe out and utilize your triceps to lift the loads until the arm is completely broadened. Concentrate on moving the lower arm.
  • After a concise interruption at the top constriction, breathe in and gradually drop the hand weights down to the beginning position.
  • repeat recommended amount of repetition.

enjoy this tricep workout routine and share with you bodybuilder friends.


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