tricep rope push down

Tricep pushdown is an isolated exercise that works only on the tricep and there is no secondary muscle in this exercise. The tricep pushdown will increase overall arm and lockout power and high body mass power which increases the pressing power. it also help in increasing the upper body arm size and it ultimately improves performance of the shoulder and chest muscle as they are often the secondary muscle group for most mass building movements like bench press, shoulder press etc.

  1. It increases the pressing power for exercises like bench press, shoulder press etc.
  2. It helps in arm stability.
  3. it helps in strengthen the elbow joint.
  4. it helps in gaining muscle mass in the triep.


  • firstly tightly grab the rope slightly lower than mid area.
  • then take your position keep your back straight, chest up, elbows locked with your torso and keep your head straight.
  • after that push the rope all the way down and squeeze your tricep and hold it for there for a moment and make sure you do not move your elbow while pushing down. many people do this mistake and ruin their exercises.
  • then bring the rope back up and fully stretch your tricep. keep full range of motion only then you will see results. don’t do cheat reps.
  • repeat the recommended amount of repetition


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