Before we head to the main part that is of course source of protein Let’s start with a question-what is protein.?

protein is a macro nutrient. it’s one of the big three along with carbohydrate and fat. macro means large and protein is a macro nutrient because you need it in larger amounts compare to vitamin and minerals which are called micro nutrients. the protein that you eat is made of little building blocks which are called AMINO ACIDS. when you digest your protein those amino acids are used by your body to manufacture important protein within your body and helps in build muscle and strengthen your bone.and because your body doesn’t store protein it’s really important that you get enough protein from your diet every single day.which we will discuss under sources of protein


AS you know that protein is composed of amino acids and these amino acids are the building blocks that become us so our muscle. our tissues. our organs are composed of these amino acids that we get from protein another important thing about protein is that when we eat protein it stimulates the release of hormone called GLUCAGON. it is the digestive hormone that encourages us to burn and metabolize fat and build muscle.although the protein is not only for building muscles but it is also important for your immune system, hair, skin is really and essential nutrient.

1.EGGS (egg white)

eggs are the best source of protein among all reason being it does not have carbohydrate or any other nutrient. which makes it the complete protein. A full egg along with yolk contains 6 gram of protein, around 5 of fat and cholesterol. when you split that apart and talk about only egg white then it has 4 gram of protein. which is a pretty good amount.

you can eat around 20 to 24 eggs in a full day in 3 to 4 portions. but make sure you do not eat egg yolks more than 2 to 3 in full day. because it has bad cholesterol and fat which is not healthy for your body. you can use egg whites as post workout meal because egg whites are fast digestive food.


It is an inexpensive food and gives you ton of cooking you can make chicken sandwich,chicken salad which is very healthy and you can boil it as well. A 100 gram of skinless chicken breast contains 30 gram of protein.

make sure you only use chicken breast not whole chicken because in that case you will be welcoming unhealthy fat in your body.


Whey is a source of protein that naturally found in milk. when mixed with rennant, a complex mix of coagulant enzymes, milk curdles and separates into different is the aforementioned whey, currently it it’s liquid form and the leftover curds.the liquid whey is then pasteurized and dried out to create the familiar powdery product we find in store shelves.

one scoop (around 30g) of whey protein contains around 25g of protein. protein amount can be different according to the also contain BCAA (BRANCHED CHAIN AMINO ACID).

you can add 1 scoop as your post workout shake with water. and 1 scoop before bed with milk.


CHICKPEAS (diabetes destroyer)

KIDNEY BEANS (the anti-aging agent)

BLACK BEANS (the brain booster)

Are beans healthy you bet in they are not just for chili and schoolyard bathroom humor anymore.either they have been elevated to power food status themes beans can be the super strength behind any diet because the high fiber and protein help keep away hunger

plus if you swap out a meat dish with protein dish a couple of times a week you will knock out some saturated fat so that make beans great diet food. but beans are not lean protein which means it has carbohydrates and fibers as well.

the ratio is around 1:2 which means which means if protein is 7g then carbs are around 15g.


Last but not the least our very own fish. now fish is the great source of lean protein. it has OMEGA 3, which is an essential fatty acids EFA’S which is highly important for your heart.

Now you have to make sure that you have to consume fish at least twice a week because in that case your body will get sufficient amount of omega 3,

100g of fish contains 23g of protein.

Let me tell you, these are in my diet everyday. everyday i eat 1 serving of each. these are common meal for everybody for fitness models. fitness professionals, bodybuilders, athletes everyone eats these foods for protein source everyday.


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