Shoulder Workout-Top 6 shoulder exercises for bigger shoulder

So today we are gonna talk about the exercises which are the most needed for the size gain of the shoulder and delts, and which can give a great shape to your shoulders. you should definitely follow this shoulder workout.

so first of all we are gonna talk about the shoulders like it’s not only shoulder but the the combination of muscles called ANTERIOR -THE FRONT SHOULDER, LATERAL-THE SIDE SHOULDER and POSTERIOR-THE REAR SHOULDER OR REAR DEL OR THE BACK SHOULDER.

So usually we see many people who only focuses on their front(anterior) and side(lateral) parts of their shoulder and misses the rear delt which does not provide a good shape. so now it become very important to hit all the muscle of the shoulder so that you can have a good rounded shape shoulder.if you train any muscle a little less than that muscle becomes weak as compare to other muscle which may cause for not getting the perfect shape.and also it

so rounded shoulders are super awesome if you see it gives a aesthetic look. if you see any bodybuilder or fitness model who has good shoulders that means they are fuller, thicker, rounder wider,and bigger.

also the if you do no train your shoulders properly it may cause injuries in almost every exercise you are gonna do.and also if you do it right and train properly it can give you a great posture and strengthen your upper body. one of the main reasons you should do shoulder exercise properly because it helps you provide a great v shape body



Shoulder Workout-Top 6 shoulder exercises for bigger shoulder

10-12 OF 3 SETS

The first exercise is barbell shoulder press. you can do this exercise seated or standing. either in smith machine or with normal barbell. i would suggest you to do on smith machine as you are a beginner because it helps in provide you a little balance and do not use so much heavy weight as a beginner because it may cause injury so do it while doing this make sure you contract with the muscle. the contraction is very important. if you are not getting any contraction then do not use heavy weight.

TARGET MUSCLE– although this exercise almost hit every muscle of your shoulder but this basically it stretches the ANTERIOR and LATERAL as you can see in the above image and secondary muscle under this is the triceps brachii this also stretches your triceps.


Shoulder Workout-Top 6 shoulder exercises for bigger shoulder

10-12 REPS OF 3 SETS

Arnold presses are the most important exercise if you really want to have a v-shape body.this exercise helps in increasing the size of your front shoulder and make them them look broader you do not have to pick heavy wight for this exercise you can do this with a light wight that will also give you a good results.make you keep your back straight while doing this exercise. because it may cause injury if you do not do this with a proper have to feel the contraction.

TARGET MUSCLE– This exercise mainly focuses on your front delt that is ANTERIOR DELTROID



10-12 OF 3 SETS

So this exercise is one of the best exercise for the broadness and thickness of the side shoulder. this exercise make your side shoulders huge. while doing this exercise make sure you do not move your body if you do so then that’s cheating rep that won’t give you good results and also may cause injuries so do it with the proper a beginner do not think of going for heavy wights just remember even mr. olympia has to start somewhere. so it’s really important to keep your form right.form is the key for building the muscle just use only your leteral area. and it in a slow form. slow and steady wins the race. you can do it seated or standing whatever you want there’s no difference

TARGET MUSCLE– the main focus of this exercise is only on your leteral deltroid.


Shoulder Workout-Top 6 shoulder exercises for bigger shoulder

10-12 REPS OF 3 SETS

Under this exercise we are focusing on the movement of your shoulder.while doing this exercise keep your body locked there should not be any movement in your body while doing this only arms should work. pull your arms all the way equal to your shoulders it should not go beyond that. your body should be straight and chest up.only the advance level athlete can take benifit from cheat reps but maybe you not. also pick the dumbbell according to your wight and strength.train smart.

TARGET MUSCLE– This exercise only focuses on your ANTERIOR DELTROID



Now this is the exercise i was talking about most f the people skip or do not do it. but it is the most important exercise for your rear delts or posterior deltroid that is your back can do this exercise seated and standing. so if you have any back pain or any lower disk issue then do it sitting because on that the pressure will be low on your back. and also you do not have bent like shown in the image as long as you are training your rear delts. and also do it sitting if you are doing it with heavy weight.

TARGET MUSCLE– This exercise hits the rear delts.


10-12 OF 3 SETS

Last but not the least the most effective exercise for your traps the dumbbell shrugs. you can do this with plates and barbell also that does not matter as long as your feeling the contraction with the muscle. while doing this exercise you have to keep your body straight and your chest should be up. you have to pick the weight only with your traps. and stay focus.

TARGET MUSCLE-this exercise is only focus on the traps.

NOTE: the reps are depends upon your goal

if you want gain the size and build mass and strength is your goal then you can hit around 6-8 reps

and if your goal is endurance and size then you can hit 8-12 reps

and you want to do endurance based then you have to go for the 15+ reps

so these are my top picks for the bigger and wider shoulder.make sure you follow this shoulder workout routine.

comment below if you have any query regarding this.


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