from here you can read about the rice cake . because today i am only gonna teach you about how you can use the rice cake as tool for your muscle building and fat loss.while buying any rice cake make sure it’s sugar free.salt free and fat.and only buy puffed brown rice cake.there’s lot of white rice cake also in the market so you gotta avoid that because there’s no nutrition value in them. they are kinda empty from any nutrition.

so firstly let’s talk about which nutrient puffed brown rice contains

it has around 15 gram of carbs and 60 calories in one piece of cake and it’s fat free, sugar free,cholesterol free and sodium free which mean there’s no health issue will arrive while consuming this.


for that you need 1 piece of cake,.banana,peanut butter and cinnamon

add a spoon of peanut butter on the cake and a sliced banana and pinch of cinnamon and enjoy. you can bring this to your job as well where you can share it with your colleague and it’s a really great source of healthy fats and carbs and protein. you can have it as your snack.

and the best part of this is that you can have it as your pre workout and post workout can have it around 1 hour before your workout because it’s a great source of complex carbs which give you energy for your workout and same in post workout after 1 hour of your workout


In case of fat loss you need to only have it once in a day and that is in lunch time so that complex carbs and fats make you feel full for rest of the day. and you d not feel hungry and gives you energy for the day.

comment below if you need any help regarding muscle gain and fat loss.

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