How much water to drink a day- daily water intake

How much water to drink a day- daily water intake

As we all know that water is basic but also the core need of a healthy life. so we should never neglect the importance of water in our absence of water a person can hardly survive 2 or more days.

A human body is around 60 to 70 percentage water. in this fast world many people are leaving their health behind. and if you are from that part of group then my friend you need not to worry about your health i am here to help you out
so now let’s talk about how much water you should drink in a day.
and the answer  totally depends upon your daily routine .
How much water to drink a day- daily water intake
if you are a normal person who does not do any workout and has a desk job then you should daily drink 2.5 to 3.5 litters of water and.that would be sufficient because when you speak or use your laptop or computer then your body starts releasing sweat and then you start being dehydrated so now it becomes important for you to keep your body hydrated  
  • and if you daily go to gym and do intense workout and you are very active/
  • and in your diet you have very high protein like per pound body weight protein.
  • and if you are consuming creatine, BCAA, whey protein 

then you should daily consume around 1 gallon or around 4 litters  of water.if you do not do so then you are just making your body dehydrated. and that may cause kidney problems like kidney stone etc.

keep your body hydrated because it will protect you from several diseases. and keep your skin healthy.

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