Chest Workout-Top 5 chest exercises for muscle building

Chest is one of the biggest muscles in our body. so today we are gonna talk about how we can grow and strengthen chest muscle which will help in increasing the size of the chest. and as a beginner i had also used this exercise and it had given me the results beyond my expectations.and these exercise are completely for the beginners who are facing problem with the size of chest muscle.

And before starting the exercises make sure you do some stretching because if you do not do stretching you may get injured because of lack muscle movements make sure you do at least 10 to 15 minutes stretching and open up every single muscle in your body so that you do not get injured during the workout it is the basic but most important need before starting any exercise.


Chest Workout-Top 5 chest exercises for muscle building

10-12 REPS OF 3 SETS

Flat barbell bench presses it is the most effective exercise of all time. there is no bodybuilder in this world who do not do this gives the best compound movement for your pecks(pectoral) . there are two types of muscles in pectoral one is pectoral major and pectoral minor. pectoral major is upper part of your chest whenever you do any bench press whether it’s incline,decline and flat your pectoral part will always get trained. but this exercise is very good for the pectoral major. this exercise also helps in increasing the strength of your body it hits the front part of your chest.make sure you take 30 to 40 seconds of rest between the you can see in the image your elbows should be inside while doing thisT


Chest Workout-Top 5 chest exercises for muscle building

10-12 REPS OF 3 SETS

This exercise hits the upper chest of your body,and it really helps in increasing the size of chest while doing this exercise make sure you squeeze the muscle when you push the bar up and stretch when you go down and always focus on the muscle which you are hitting. it is really important to have a mind connection with the muscle your hitting


Chest Workout-Top 5 chest exercises for muscle building


Now this is really good and effective exercise for lower chest muscle.make sure while doing this exercise you take someone’s help.and do the exercise slowly. because if you do any exercise faster you’ll not get the contraction with do it slowly so you’ll feel the contraction with the muscle. and always focused on the muscle you are hitting.


10-12 REPS OF 3 SETS

This exercise helps in giving the shape to the chest. in the beginning you should start with light weight dumbbells because it might become a little difficult for you to balance it as a beginner.under this you have to push dumbbells all the way up and squeeze the chest and and all way down to stretch the chest. keep focus on squeeze and stretch of the muscle


10-12 REPS OF 3 SETS

Last but not the least cable fly it is very from the view of pumping the chest up. it affects the overall chest muscle. i have added this exercise because it has always gave me the best results. you can do this with different variations like lower,middle and upper chest to enhance muscles.

So all the above exercise should not be taken more than 45 minutes if you are doing alone and not more than 1 hour if you are doing this with your gym this was my top five pick i have done it on myself and it has always given me the best results. hope it will do the same for you as well.

so please let me know by comment below if you are adding this to your next routine. and tell me about the results as well.


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