Good news- your gluts exists for a better reasons than just looking good in those apple bottom jeans. the main strength group ( made up of gluteus, maximus, medius , and minimus ) is the key player in explosive motion like jumping and sprinting.

The strong butt will also help alleviate lower back back pain and make ordinary movements like standing and climbing stairs much easier.

most females would agree that having a great butt to show off in a bikini, daisy dukes, and skinny jeans would be pretty awesome. Are you happy with the way your booty looks ? if not then i am about to give the great workout plan to give you a natural butt while firming and shaping oo

Let’s dive in –


How to get a perfect booty at home- complete booty workout plan

Squats is one of the best exercises in the world . because it works on your entire body. squats are vital for your lower body strength. basically it focuses on your quads but the way you are doing it will decide the focus area. for the booty you have to go to all the way down. which they say ass to grass then it will hit your gluts area. one of the great benefits of squats is that they’ll tone your booty quicker than any other move on the planet.

along with that it also strengthen your core, quads, lower back, hamstrings etc.

Benefits of bodyweight squats

the move has a variety of benefits for everybody no matter in which you are in fitness

  • the main benefit of squat is that it helps increasing power and strength of an individual.
  • the flexibility and balance can also be achieved through this exercises
  • it strengthen the gluts, hamstrings and quads.
  • the move also improves hip extension power.
  • squats stimulates muscle building hormones and increase the testosterone level in body

How to perform squats

  1. Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-distance apart, with your toes pointed slightly outward.
  2. keep you elbow in your front while fingers pointing towards the roof.
  3. keep your chest lifted and slowly squat down until your hips are below your knees or ass to grass and breath in.
  4. pause a little in down and then squat back up while breathing out.
  5. and make sure you fully stretch your gluts when you go down and squeeze at the top.
  6. this counts as one rep.
  7. do 12-15 repetition of 3 sets.


booty workout plan

Sumo squats are key for stacking up strength in all the parts of your lower body, just like with a traditional squat this variation works on your quads, gluts and hamstrings. but the wider sumo stance adds the unique challenge to your lower body. because it strengthen the hard to hit inner thigh.

Benefits of sumo squats

  • It is the only exercise that hits the inner thigh this is the main benefit of this variation.
  • it strengthen your lateral hamstrings, gluts, quads etc.
  • the exercise helps in increasing blood circulation in the gluts area as it stretches the muscles.
  • through this exercise you can burn more fats.

How to perform sumo squats

  1. Begin by remaining with your feet out wide and your toes point out.
  2. Keeping weight in your back heels, begin to bring down your hips and twist your knees into a wide squat. Go down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. and stretch your hips while breathing in.
  3. come back up, squeezing your glutes at the highest point of the development while exhaling slowly.
  4. Do 4 sets of 15 repetition.


booty workout plan

jump squats are one of the fastest most effective ways to firm up your butt. says the american council of exercise. the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus and gluteus medius are the three huge powerful muscles that represents the butt look.and they have many complex functions and all these muscles reacts quickly with the jump squat exercise.

Benefits of jumping squats

  • bounce squats helps in increasing the digestion system.
  • it reduces the risk of injury because it strengthen the muscle and ligaments.
  • performing this exercise is a great way to tone your legs.
  • through this squat you can increase your stamina because of the full body movements and jumping which is a form of cardio.

How to perform jumping squat

  1. To do the bounce squat go with feet shoulder width apart.
  2. keep your hand either on the hips or behind your head.
  3. keep your chest up and head straight.
  4. now go down while inhaling and after that jump up repeat the movement.
  5. do 3 reps of 12 reps


booty workout plan

bounce squat is great way to strengthen and tone your booty. like other squat variation also involves your entire body. it not only work on your booty but also strengthen your quads and hamstrings. if you are not able to do jumping squats then you should try with this. it’s a bit easier than that. it give a perfect round shape to your booty. all the three major muscles in your butt are being hit through this variation.

Benefits of bouncing squats

  • the very first benefit of this exercise is that it specifically hits all the three major gluts muscles.
  • it burns down the excess stored body fat in your body.
  • strengthen the joints and ligaments of your legs and lower back.
  • and it increases the focus level of mind.

How to perform bouncing squats

  1. Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-distance apart, with your toes pointed slightly outward.
  2. keep you elbow in your front while fingers pointing towards the roof.
  3. back straight and chest up then squat down and hold.
  4. and bounce up and down shown in the illustration.
  5. and make sure to keep breathing because only then you’ll be able to supply oxygen to your muscle which is really important.



Leg kickback is a mimic movement you may do it daily. standing on one foot and stretching one limb behind you is the one move as kickback. this places the butt into extension the opposite of flexion, when you move the leg out before you then extension is one of the main movements which hits the gluts particularly the gluteus maximus.

Benefits of glute kickback

  • the single leg exercise can help with the muscle imbalance.
  • this activates your core as well which which help in maintaining the body balance.
  •  improve activation of your quadriceps or hamstrings [or glutes when you utilize a single-leg exercise in comparison to the bilateral counterpart
  • through this you can improve your flexibility .

How to perform glute kickback

  1. first start by coming down into box position by placing hands directly under the shoulders.
  2. make sure you keep the back straight.
  3. and drive the heels up towards the ceiling
  4. now kickback up while squeezing the glutes at the top of the motion.
  5. make sure you keep your abs tight whole way through.
  6. do 4 sets of 15 reps each leg



The american council on exercise named it one of the greatest butt exercises you will get just a great results from squat, lunges and deadlift.

the name is really very funny but no matter what you call it working the move into your physical fitness routine can tone, tighten and strengthen your glutes. and it isometrically strengthen the hamstrings.

Benefits of donkey kickback

  • this is a great exercise for tighten and tone your butt.
  • it tighten your core as well.
  • helps in muscle imbalance
  • it isometrically strengthen the hamstrings.

How to perform donkey kickback

  1. begin in quadrupeds position.
  2. flex one knee deeper to lift your foot slightly off of the floor fees the knee in this position.
  3. dorsiflex the ankle exhale and extend the hip to lift that leg until your quad forms a symmetrical extension of your torso
  4. do not lift the thigh higher than the torso as this could cause compression of the discs in the lower back
  5. inhale flex at the hip and draw the leg back in.
  6. perform 3 sets of 12 repetition each leg.


our core and butt are the centre of gravity. so you need to ensure appropriate movement, stability and power by keeping those muscles functional, growing and powerful. exercising the hydrant training can help you strengthen core and butt. and it also encourages the power to the associated muscles.

Benefits of hydrant

  • it helps in strengthen your core and hip muscle.
  • it specifically targets the gluteus medius.
  • this helps in improving the hip stability which is really important for the overall balance of the body.

How to perform hydrant

  1. begin on your hands and knees on the floor. and your hand directly beneath the shoulders.and knee under the hips.
  2. start by tightening your core and then lifting your leg away from your body. otherwise known as abducting the knee away from the body.
  3. keeping the knee flexed at a 90 degree angle. you will move the knee away from the body approximately 45 degrees.
  4. while completing this exercise, maintain stability over the hands. trying to resist any motion side to side keeping your shoulders above your hands.
  5. try not to sag at your wrist or your abdomen.
  6. you may look directly down or forward, just maintain one position for the head.
  7. perform 3 sets of 12 repetition.


Reverse lunges are good way to get the powerful glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. giving you a powerful lower structure additionally. reverse lunges are a good choice for beginners because the reverse lunges are easier to operate. honestly there are not more lower body exercises greater than those forward lunges. but one of them are reverse lunges.

Benefits of reverse lunges

  • it’s an amazing exercise for the beginners because it’s easier operate in starting.
  • strengthen all the three major muscle in glutes area. which has a great role in developing the entire butt.
  • lunges are the unilateral movements that means it trains one side of your body separately from the other which creates a great balance in body and also it helps in muscle imbalance.
  • A perfect lunge can help you in improving your body posture.
  • the lunges are the great exercise for the fat loss and muscle gain.

How to perform lunges

  1. firstly take your position by standing straight, keep your foot shoulder width apart.
  2. keep your hands on your waist and make sure to your core should be tight and engaged whole way through.
  3. Now lunge back with your right feet onto the toe and lower the position you can control.
  4. keep your front foot on 90 degree angle
  5. while lunging don’t lean forward or backward your body. your body should be in the straight position all the time.
  6. keep breathing throughout the period.
  7. and always stretch at the bottom and squeeze at the top.
  8. perform 3 sets of 12 repetition each leg.


While performing all of these exercises i want you to make a mind and muscle connection. because if you concentrate on your muscle while performing exercise you will start feel the burn, pain, and you will find it more effective and ultimately you will get better results. which matters the most.

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