Bicep workout is one of most important workout. because if your arms would not be strong then it will be very difficult for you to perform all other exercises. if arms are not strong then you might not be able to perform other exercises.

bicep muscle is most important muscle of the arms. and the most visible muscle in your body everybody wants big biceps especially the teenagers and those who has just started going to gym. before that it becomes very important to know the bicep anatomy so we can hit each muscle in biceps.

Let’s dive in-

bicep anatomy

The meaning of bicep is two. So there are basically 2 muscle in the biceps first one is BRACHII and second is BRACHIALIS. and these are main thick muscles of upper arms.

The BRACHII muscle consists of two heads long head and short head. the front part of bicep is called as long head and inner part is called as short head. the other part is BRACHIALIS which is the outer part small part of bicep. and so many of you neglect this brachialis muscle but trust me this is the only muscle that can give better look from side to your arms.

So it becomes very important for you to hit each and every head and muscle in order to grow bicep size fully . because if you do not train each part then possibilities are your bicep won’t grow completely.

so here’s the bicep workout for complete growth of biceps


Bicep Workout- top 5 bicep exercises for bigger arms


Your first exercise is barbell curl the mother of bicep workout. this exercise focuses on your long head of your brachii. for that you have to make sure that make sure that you grab the barbell as exactly as in illustration means you will grab the bar slightly inside so tension travels in your long head area.

How to perform barbell curl-

  • the very first thing you should do is to get a partner for help because many people do cheat reps in this exercise. like they lean forward and backwards and they use their calf muscle etc. which is not good. and which won’t give you results
  • after you have partner grab barbell slightly inside from your shoulder width and stand straight chest up and chin up
  • curl the bar upwards and when you reach at top then squeeze the bicep as hard as possible and take 2 second pause and slowly lower the bar till the starting position and stretch you muscle slowly
  • repeat till 12 reps and take 30 to 45 seconds rest between sets.and do not hold your breath while performing.



Incline dumbbell curl is the best exercise for your long head bicep muscle.under this exercise there is no chances of any cheat reps because when you are lying on incline bench that time you can not move your body. thus all the tension will come on your long head muscle.

How to perform incline dumbbell curl-

  • firstly pick the dumbbells and lay on the bench.
  • hang your hands tightly and keep the elbow near to your torso.
  • then curl the dumbbell up and squeeze and curl down with full stretch and range of motion.
  • inhale while curl dumbbell up and exhale while curling down


Bicep Workout- top 5 bicep exercises for bigger arms


Your second exercise is preacher curl it is an great exercise for your short head of BRACHII because it is an isolate exercise. and also it gives round shape to your short head muscle. one thing you need to take care of that is you do not move you shoulders because you would not want include any secondary muscle

How to perform barbell preacher curl-

  • sit on the seat and grab the barbell slightly outside from your shoulder width
  • keep your elbow as low as possible on machine
  • curl the barbell down fully and stretch the muscle
  • and while bring the barbell up make sure you put the tension on muscle and squeeze as hard as possible at the top.


Bicep Workout- top 5 bicep exercises for bigger arms


The next exercise is dumbbell hammer curl. great exercise for your long head and brachialis. however many of your do not perform it correctly which does not provide you any results. so it becomes important to perform this exercise correctly in order to get best results out of this exercise.

How to perform dumbbell curl-

  • firstly grab dumbbells tightly it should be grab tightly’
  • then stand chest up and chin up
  • lock your body and lock your elbow (make sure elbows do not move a bit while performing this exercise)
  • curl the dumbbell up ,squeeze and inhale and then curl down, stretch and exhale and repeat.


Bicep Workout- top 5 bicep exercises for bigger arms

In bicep workout concentration curl is one of the best exercises for your brachii muscle. and it’s type is strength. so if you are willing to do heavy compound exercises you can add this in your schedule.

How to perform concentration curl-

  • firstly sit on the table and grab the dumbbell tightly.
  • keep your elbow slightly lower than your quads.
  • and slowly curl the dumbbell up and squeeze and bring it back to the starting position and stretch the muscle and keep full range of motion.
  • and make sure when you stretch till starting position your dumbbell do not touch the floor.


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