Back Workout- Top 5 best back exercises for muscle building

Many of people ignores back workout because they can not see that in mirror like they can their biceps,chest,abs etc. which is really not a good thing because later on your that part started getting weak and you will not be able to do any pull now it becomes really important to not to avoid back and make it more stronger.Back is the biggest muscle in the upper body part. and there are lot of back exercises you can search on google but the exercise i am going to are those exercises which will hit every single part of your back muscle like your upper back,lower back,lats and give perfect shape and definition to back. but before that it’s really important for you to understand anatomy of the back as you can see in the above image that there are basically 4 types of muscle in the back that is your TRAPEZIUS which is your upper back you call it traps also and then RHOMBOIDS which is your below traps and then LATISSIMUS DORSI which is your lats or wings and then LOWER BACK.

before you start doing your exercise make sure you do your proper stretching for about 10 to 15 minutes because it will prevent you from any muscle damage during your exercise



Back Workout- Top 5 best back exercises for muscle building

10-12 REPS OF 3 SETS

Our first exercise is non other than wide grip lat pull down . this is a really effective exercise for your lats and wings that is you LATISSIMUS DORSI muscle. this exercise makes your lats area wider and gives it v- shape and also makes it thicker.while doing this exercise make you contract with the muscle because many a times people are just pulling it up and down.

so if you really want better results from this exercise then you will have to squeeze and stretch your muscle.pull it all the way down to your upper chest and squeeze as much as you can and when you release it then stretch your muscle all the way up and contact with your mind. this will definitely get you better results. make sure you add this exercise in your back workout routine it will give you great results.


Back Workout- Top 5 best back exercises for muscle building

10-12 REPS OF 3 SETS

again the super effective exercise for your mid back area.this exercise gives width to your back and makes it broader.another advantage of this exercise is that it makes your back thicker so if you are willing to add thickness in your back then it is the great exercise.

make sure you do not lean forward while doing it if you do so then the stress will be on your L3,L4 and L5 your spine which is really not good for your back so if you want to keep your spine and lower back healthy then do not lean forward keep your back straight and just contract the muscle around your spine but not with spine.


Back Workout- Top 5 best back exercises for muscle building

10-12 REPS OF 3 SETS

this is a great exercise not only for your back but also for increasing the strength.this exercise basically hits your RHOMBOIDS area which is your mid back area.but make sure you do not hold barbell in reverse grip because if you hold that in reverse grip then it will hit your lower lats area and if you want to hit your rhomboids area of mid back make sure your hold it in overhead position.

as a beginner if you find difficulty in doing this exercise which will be difficult then you can add ONE-ARM DUMBBELL ROW

why i am saying this, it will be difficult for you because as a beginner your lower back is not as strong as it needs to do this exercise because when you lean forward then all the pressure comes up on your lower back and your lower back gets tighter and gives support to your body and as it is not so strong to bear the body the chances occur of lower back injuries i would suggest you to do DUMBBELL ROWS for few months and then transfer to this exercise.


10-12 REPS OF 3 SETS

it is one of the most effective exercises for your lower back and specially for erector spine that is your deep mid back. this also helps in strengthen the spine and the lower back area.and if in your gym does not have this hyperextension bench then you can do GOOD MORNING

while doing this exercise make sure you do not try to push yourself to go to fully back side because many a people do this mistake that try to push their back till they make an arch in the back side that is really not a good idea because in that case you are trying to compress the lower back l5 and l4 disk which lead to lower back injury.

all you need to do is that you just need to lean forward till 90 degree and come back to 180 degree that’s exact and best position for this exercise.and also make sure you contract with the muscle you should connect your mind with the muscle then you will get the best results.


Back Exercises- Top 5 best back exercises

10-12 REPS OF 3 SETS

shrugs most effective exercise for your upper and mid trapezius. if you really want to have an aesthetic look then you should never skip shrugs because it give aesthetic looks to any person who have good traps. you can do shrugs with dumbbells,plates bars,smith machine and shrug machine.

while doing this exercise make sure you hold the barbell parallel to your shoulders with straight arms.and when you up the bar make sure you do not bend your arms. because in that case the trap muscle will not be engage and the secondary muscle that is your arms will get trained instead of your make sure you do bend your arms.and contract with the muscle and mind.

comment below with your favourite back exercise. hope you like this back workouts routine.




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